13 thoughts on “SE Hawthorne Boulevard, 1968

  1. Is it my imagination or are the recent photos from the 60s-70s generally worse in quality (exposure, focus, etc.) compared to those prior to the 40s?

  2. Rich architectural content?
    Meaningful historical moment?
    Notable persons shown?
    Significant event?

  3. The Francis Motor Car Company was owned by Clarence Francis. His dealership was on the corner of SE Hawthorne & Grand Avenue. They were a Ford, Mercury, Lincoln-Zephyr dealer.

    The pose of the driver of the unoccupied car in the street standing on the street corner holding his hands cries, “I’m innocent, he did it!” The driver of the other car, who it appears to have been attempting to make a left turn onto SE 6th from the middle lane is still sitting in his car, looking at the other driver. He looks like he might be thinking of driving off. On the other hand, the cars don’t appear to be touching and damage to the cars is not really visible. The guys in the van, seem to be wondering what I’m wondering, is the guy in the car going to flee the scene?

    Regarding the comment image quality…I find most photos on the VP site to be poorly focused and or the depth of field is set in such a way that nothing, in particular, is in sharp focus, or, the photographers had bad eyes.

  4. The car on the right that was hit appears to have “E” plates. Perhaps this was a city vehicle?

  5. Francis Ford, Logan Olds, Fields Chevrolet, Fred Bauer Chevrolet, Roy Burnett De Soto and Plymouth, Braley and Graham Buick. Jim Fisher was open Friday nights and Sunday after Church. It was different. It was better. It is missed.

  6. Just a few oldies but goodies advertised on radio & TV during that time.
    “Don’t take chances deal with Francis, Francis Ford…”
    “Sali Jones, Sali Jones, where you always buy for less…”
    “Ron Tokin Chevorlet out 122nd way, and Ron Tokin Grand Tramiso on the conner of..”
    “We’re honkin’ for Marv Tokin…”
    (I still say honda civic CVCC cars are smaller than a mini coop, or a Fiat 120)

  7. Steeve the other car appears to have an E plate also or they are two California’s lookin for real estate.

  8. Laura Vespa 400 was a 2 stroke, 2 seat, that four eight graders could pick up and turn upside down; did it to my uncle’s car (I was not involved), they turned it back right side up, but what a mess and one hellacious pissed off uncle.

  9. Don’t forget Lew Williams Cadillac, Sandy Boulevard Dodge, Friendly Chevrolet, Friday Oldsmobile, Marv Tonkin Ford, Mike Salta Pontiac, Steve Gatucchio Volkswagen, Kellum Datsun, Ed Randall’s Chevytown, Charmichael Oldsmobile, Knauss Chevrolet…

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