7 thoughts on “NW Everett Street , 1971

  1. Many of the buildings seen here are seen here still stand but now house different businesses. In the today link below, one will notice how the gargantuan NW Power building imposes itself on the eastern skyline from this spot. I find the ugly billboard seen in this 1971 photo, preferable to this monstrosity.

    The ’63 Chevy Impala SS was a nice riding car. My grandparents once owned one (white with a blue interior) and in 1971 they gave it to my mother when she was going through a divorce and needed a car. Unfortunately, one morning she hit a patch of black ice on a country road in Santa Cruz and it was totaled (she was shaken but unhurt).

    The ’71 MGB Roadster in the photo is another of my favorites; however a terrible choice in the Portland climate.

  2. Can anyone read the phone number on the For Sale sign in the window of the ’63 Impala? If no one has bought it yet he might be willing to make a deal.

  3. My first car was a 63 Belair. Those chrome wheels on that Impala are a good example of what we used to call “chrome reverse” wheels. You took your rims down to “Allied” and had them chromed.The last time I had a bumper done (40 Dodge business coupe) the cost was 30 dollars each.

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