14 thoughts on “SE Division Street, 1971

  1. Petite Provence and the sports bar appear to have been drug stores, as well. Strange there were that many in close proximity to one another.

  2. This is the same building that a portion of the facade fell off recently. I wish we knew more about this photo. Something is going on. That appears to be a City vehicle parked in front. Possibly from the Public Works department going by the stenciled number on the hood?

  3. Actually, unless things were different back then, “E” plates are put on all government vehicles, not just City of Portland ones. But I would presume it was a city one, given that this a city photo and the “PW” markings (on Efiles, this is indeed classified as “Public Works Administration (Archival) – Public Works Administrator – Photographs”)

  4. what happened to brick work the upper part of the building on the left of the image ?

  5. The entire brick facade above where the people in this photograph are standing fell off on the afternoon of May 3, 2017 leading to the closure of the sidewalk and westbound lane of Division St. I would think that after this collapse the remaining brick facade was removed and replaced.

  6. The energy in this photograph is very strange. The woman has made some sort of grumpy remark and the men smiling uncomfortably as they watch her pass. The shadowy figure against the building looks almost painted in. The man wearing the hat, plaid shirt, and glasses looks very disgusted, and after the woman passes he’ll express his thoughts to the other men while he lights the pipe he’s holding in his hand.

  7. I see 3 city workers, 1 small biz owner, and a handy man. And I see 3 people talking pleasantly, two listening, a door being installed and a little cement work.

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