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  1. The Mom n Pop store seen in the background was located on 862 NE Madrona Street. The small store carried groceries and school supplies in the 1940’s. It had living quarters above it that included 2 bedrooms and a bath. In the 50’s, it as known as Willit’s Grocery. In 1967, the building was sold and became Calbert Market. By 1980, the store was closed and the building was condemned. It was torn down and the current house was built.

  2. The commercial building on the right in the era of this photo was Grigsby Brothers Paper Box Co., but Portland Maps dates this building to 1932 and it was the home of Rose City Brewery.

    Oregonian June 21, 1933 (page 4)—– BREWERY ABOUT READY—-New Plant Will Start Operating Within Six Weeks.
    The Rise City Brewing Company, incorporated by seven Portland businessmen , will begin operations within six weeks in a new plant now being remodeled and equipped at 817 NE Madrona St., it was announced yesterday. T.J. Schmidt is president of the new firm, Otto Berg is vice-president, H. Kublik is treasurer and J.M. Ward is secretary. All of the stock in the $200,000 enterprise has been taken by the seven original stockholders. The Brewery will have a capacity of 20,000 barrels annually.

    Oregon Journal September 25, 1933 (page 3)—- Brewery Turns Out First Beer
    First delivery of fully matured draft beer from the Rose City Brewery is announced by Otto Berg vice-president of the company. The brewery a modern steel and concrete structure is located at 817 NE Madrona St. Modern brewing equipment is used throughout and according to Berg the beer is made by a special process using Wisconsin barley and Oregon hops. No sugar or syrup is used. The present capacity of the plant is 70 barrels a day and 50 Portland men are regularly employed. Other officers and stockholders in the company are T.J. Schmidt, president, J.M. Ward secretary, H. Kublik treasurer, and John Schelling sales manager.

  3. Looks like this photo was taken on a nice warm early afternoon.

    The Calbert Market was torn down to make way for a new house (see below).

    The young tree sapling next to the house on the left has certainly gotten bigger in the last 50 years; grown about 1 foot per year in height from the looks of it.

    I think the large tree in the center of the photo has been removed and another tree was later planted to replace it.

    The car nearest the camera is a 1966 Pontiac Bonneville.
    The dark car parked at the corner facing to the right looks like it might be a 1969 Plymouth Fury III.
    The car parked in front of the last one in a light color & blacktop could be a 1969 Ford LTD or possibly some sort of Pontiac.
    The car out of the frame on the right could possibly be a 1969 Chevy Chevelle or something.

  4. The car on the far right next to the Ford pickup is a 1960 Pontiac, either a Ventura or Bonneville.

  5. Rose City Brewing sold “Beaver State Beer” Oregon Historical Society digital collection has a photo from 1935-36 of 3 Rose City Brewing delivery trucks & drivers outside the plant on Madrona St. It looks appears they closed in 1940.

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