11 thoughts on “SW Park Avenue, 1972

  1. Igor yes today’s photo is looking south. The pigeon hole parking structure in today’s photo was on the corner of SW Park & Yamhill. The related photo from December 1, 2014 has the view looking north.

  2. The most prominent feature of today’s photo is the word “Cocktails”. And that got me thinking about the origins of the word “Cocktail.” After reading several stories on the subject, I learned that there is still no clear origin of the word. The author of one story felt pretty sure the word was an American invention until a newspaper story from 1798 was brought to his attention that used the word and was published in London. If you’d like to read more about this, follow the link: https://www.saveur.com/how-the-cocktail-got-its-name/

    A tall man and long-haired woman carrying a tote bag(s) have begun crossing the street from slightly different angles. The woman appears to be in more of a hurry than the man.

    A Pigeon Hole Parking of Texas, Inc. Ad reads “Pigeon Hole System, Completely Automatic, No one drives your car, no ramps – Safe. Lock your car, take your keys. FAST…One-minute Delivery. Garages in Dallas, Huston, San Antonio, New Orleans.”

    Regarding the Embers Club across the street, here’s an OPB story on its history at it’s closure. https://www.opb.org/news/article/embers-avenue-portland-close/

  3. Ford Capri cars were everywhere back in the 70’s and 80’s. Now you hardly ever see them. A cool car that now looks very European in it’s design.

  4. VP photo from November 29, 2016 was taken on the same day looking north from in front of the pigeon hole parking structure with the Pepsi truck still parked at the curb. The cocktail sign in today’s photo is for Roberts Rod n Reel lounge and the Roberts restaurant on the corner of Park & Yamhill.

  5. The Embers club discussed in the article posted by uploulorenziprince above was located at NW Broadway and Everett. I don’t know if it was a reincarnation of the Embers club pictured in the post today, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  6. Thats original Embers location. They moved to Broadway sometime early 80’s.
    Coast Auto was the prior Broadway tennant.
    Embers is what happens after the flaming dies down.

  7. The second floor above the Embers was a pool hall in 1972. But by 1976 it was connected to the Embers by a stairway and was the hottest Gay Disco in town. The RAFTER’S

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