12 thoughts on “N Vancouver Avenue, 1972

  1. That business on the right is now brass tacks sandwiches and those apartments are still there

  2. Mike, I think the nearest library branch to this is Albina.

    It looks like this was a cold day overcast day with people wearing their heavy coats. The woman pedestrian nearest the camera is watching the “play action” going on between the braking pickup and the other pedestrian about to cross in the crosswalk in front of it.

    This woman in the foreground, had she just left the tavern or had she just exited the phone booth; as she stands bundled in her coat.

    The Chevrolet behind the braking pickup was a twenty-year-old daily driver. My parents had one just like it as a second car in San Diego in 1962. I remember the faded dark blue paint, ripped fabric headliner, and the big front bench seat. As a kid, I loved sitting in the middle of the seat opposite the chromed car radio. Riding in this car at night was very cool because the dashboard lights gave off a warm amber glow and I loved the sound the radio made as I turned the dial. In fact, it was on such a night ride that I first heard the song “Monster Mash” which the announcer said he was playing for the first time.

  3. Mike the Albina library branch at 3605 NE 15th was 1 mile East of this location in a commercial building, and can be seen on the latest Google streetview. It was going to move back to a former location at 216 NE Knott in 2020 since it was the smallest branch. The Multnomah County library gallery has a photo of this location that may have been taken from the era of today VP photo.

  4. Today’s featured photo looks like it’s about 3535 N. Vancouver Avenue, the present location of Brass Tacks Sandwich shop, which occupies the commercial building on the right in the photo. And yes, the apartments are still there. It’s good to see something familiar; so much has changed in the old Boise neighborhood since ’72.

  5. I’m enjoying the irony of the More 4 Less being closed on Sunday and now being used as a church.

  6. Just north of Fremont Street. There on the southeast corner was the Wonder Bread bakery (now gone).

  7. Regarding the “Public Library” sign:
    “In June 1967, a new Albina Library opened in a storefront building on the corner of N. Vancouver Avenue and N. Beech Street. After the first year, use began to decline and continued to do so for the next ten years. In 1977, the Library Association of Portland Board voted to move the library to a new location…at N.E. 15th Avenue and N.E. Fremont Street. This building first opened as a library on October 4, 1977, with Mary Jamison-Tannehill serving as its first librarian.”

  8. Mike @adventurepdx has nailed the location of the library. The Oregonian on 8/6/67 had a story that the new Albina Library opened on 6/6/67 at 3630 N Vancouver Ave in the “More 4 Less” shopping center where the Public Library sign is.

  9. love those old multipart insulators on them tall power lines ! boring now a days they don’t use stoneware insulators much today plastic or some cheap rubber

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