9 thoughts on “NE 39th Avenue, 1965

  1. There’s a cluster of children about to cross 39th Ave. (at NE Royal Ct.) ahead of these foreground cars; a crossing guard in light clothes is already standing in the road. I don’t know if the lights seen hanging above the road flashed yellow all the time or if they were activated when needed.

    Today’s view shows that shrubbery around these fine homes has certainly been well maintained and shaped through the years and many trees have been added.

    The car nearest the camera is a 1962 Rambler Cross Country wagon with a roof rack.
    The dark car ahead of the former is a 1954 Ford Customline (or Crestline Skyliner) sedan.
    The car between them heading the opposite way looks like a 1965 Oldsmobile F-85 Cutlass convertible (or 442).
    In the distance, I can make out what looks to be a light-colored VW Bug.
    I’m not sure what the car is in front of the Ford.

  2. The street is not stripped for 2 lanes of traffic North & South as it is today, so it looks as if on street parking was permitted.

  3. Does anyone know the history of the place name Laddington Court? Did the name originate in an upscale subdivision like Laurehurst? Thank you.

  4. Laddington Court is in the heart of Laurelhurst and is named after William S. Ladd. Laurelhurst was developed by the Ladd Estate Company, which was organized to administer the estate of William S. Ladd.

  5. wploulorenziprince, the Rambler station wagon is a 1961-63 American Cross Country. The Oldsmobile is a 1964 full size either 88 or 98 but more likely an 88 [ Dynamic or Super ]. The Ford could be a 1953 or 1954. The 1954 had tri-star chrome trim in the tail lights which either could or could not be there due to lack of clarity in the photo and deck lid trim was the same both years….

  6. 1965 and still the old style blue and white street signs are still there. I’m surprised.

  7. The lights at Royal Ct. we’re normally green and push button activated when pedestrians wanted to cross.

  8. the old style blue and white street signs are still there are they really ? answer PLZ !!

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