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  1. Hi, I’ve followed Vintage Portland for probably eight or ten years. I’m a huge fan and love Portland’s history. As a cab driver (Radio Cab) for 38 years, my most enjoyable times were when I had the opportunity to treat out of towners to a tour of my wonderful hometown. My only complaint about your posts, is that there needs to be more than a one sentence caption with the pics. Please give us some history and geography to associate with these old pictures. Where was/is Blanchet Farm and was it associated with with the Blanchet House? Thank you so much. Bruce Wilson, former owner/driver, Radio Cab #96 Speeder@pobox.com is our new email address for 2021. Please change and delete all others. Thanks!


  2. Bruce perhaps you missed the VP photo on March 3, 2021 of Blanchet Farm that I think could answer some of your questions.

  3. “The origins of Blanchet House begin in 1938 on the campus of the University of Portland where a group of students organized a social and service club, named after the first Catholic Archbishop of the Oregon Territory, Archbishop Frances Norbert Blanchet. Designed to raise money for the poor, the group held car washes, raffles, dances, and various other fundraising activities.”

    “In 1962, a 40-acre prune farm in Yamhill County was purchased by Blanchet. The farm was developed into a working farm to help men in recovery from alcohol and later drug addiction. Additional land purchases adjacent to the farm were made and by 1972 the farm increased in size to 60 acres.”

    A FOX12 News Story posted April 21, 2021, states that Blanchet House served 500k meals in 2020 and announced that they were starting to recover their uneaten food and feeding it to the animals on their farm.
    Link to this story: https://www.kptv.com/news/blanchet-house-gives-back-while-cutting-down-on-food-waste/article_bd705390-a3d5-11eb-860e-c7a6ca8c2451.html

    Get the full scoop on Blanchet House history at the site below.


  4. Bruce, I really enjoyed your note, but wanted to say that at least for me, I like the opportunity to do the research/sleuthing needed when I see the posts. It’s also fun to read what others have come up with. For many of us, I think it’s a chance to stretch our minds and see how clever we can be in coming up with the back story. Today’s posts, for instance, are a set of really stellar examples of work like that!

  5. Bruce: You must know the history of the Radio Cab Building, I’m hoping that someday it might be seismically upgraded, and the exterior restored. I believe it was stables for horse drawn street cars?

  6. It would be useful to have addresses for places like this. I have no idea where it is.

  7. Gloria — take a look at the “Related” entry (between the photo and comments section) for the link to Blanchet Farms, 1968 VP. You’ll see entries by Igor and Dennis that should help, and here’s an exact address from the Blanchet House website:
    11750 NE Finn Hill Loop
    Carlton, OR 97111

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