10 thoughts on “N Vancouver Avenue, 1972

  1. Glancing through the Google Street Views taken since 2007, these buildings and parking lot have been gone a long time. The street views show the lot as vacant from 2007- 2015 when the posh building started going up in the spring of that year. A New Seasons Market was built on another vacant lot farther up the street at the corner sometime between 2009 and 2015.

    This area has been heavily “gentrified” from the ground up, and judging from the business signage in the area it has gone from “More 4 Less” to less for more (ala New Seasons) through the years.

    There are quite a few 1950s early 60s cars parked in this lot so the folks parked there didn’t drive the latest models cars. The black station wagon (Mercury?) shown here epitomizes the terrible cars Detroit was producing during this time. Thrown together, poor gas mileage, and bulked up…the owner couldn’t even park it properly; not pulled forward into the parking space far enough as to not block the lane behind it.

  2. The commercial building in today’s photo is still standing, but has gone through a extensive remodeling and is the home of Life Change Church at 3635 N Williams ave.
    This building was built in 1964 and the portion with pitched roof opened in September as a new Tradewell grocery store, the Oregon Journal published a photo of the new store on 9/1/64 (p. 19) showing the same roofline as in today’s photo, and by 1972 this location was no longer listed in their grocery ads.

  3. I remember stopping in this store to pick up a few items on my way home from work. I remember it was the first time I had ever experienced seeing six foot cyclone fencing inside of a grocery store.

  4. @wploulorenziprince: That’s a ’69 Ford. Maybe not the high point but definitely not the low point. Things got much, much worse.

  5. Wow. A very rare siting of a Ford Ranch wagon. My family had one of those. Learned to drive in it. Classic.

  6. the mid century street light are cool love the sodium light fixtures of the mid 1960s i bet there still standing now ! might be LED fixtures now boring !

  7. I think the wagon was a city or county vehicle. I clearly got a flashback seeing it and it looks like it is badged as such.

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