12 thoughts on “Stanton Yard, circa 1949

  1. The e-files copy says this is looking north: “Boise – Elliot School located to the east on Kerby Ave across from Stanton Yard between Kerby Ave and Commercial Ave at left background of photograph.”

  2. Tom, he’s the King of Stanton Yard! Ha Ha. Probably an inside joke from ’49 showing one of the “supes in a suit” atop the raised lift. It would be interesting to know who he is and the inside story. It’s little things like that that make these photos interesting. Thanks for pointing him out!

  3. That fellow up on the lift was certainly determined to get noticed for all posterity. The people who lived in the houses in this neighborhood had no idea that this entire residential area would eventually be obliterated and replaced by sweeping, multi-layered highway ramps, and big-box structures requiring even bigger parking lots.

    I remember seeing a photo on VP that was taken of cars headed north on SW Vista Ave. going downhill to West Burnside that has the lift truck and two workers changing the street light at this intersection. I searched for it, but I wasn’t successful in finding it…I know it’s here, just haven’t got my searches worded correctly for it to come up.

  4. wploulorenziprince– Check the VP photo from December 17, 2009 @ NW 23rd & W Burnside for the photo of 2 men on this truck. You will need to enlarge photo.

  5. An interesting collection of vehicles. Just to the left of the car driving against the arrow are a couple of paint striping machines and a Harley Servicar. To the right of that car is a truck mounted air compressor that has appeared in several VP photos of water main and street repairs.

    Many of the trucks have their grills blocked with canvas shields, indicating a winter time photo.

  6. Thanks, Dennis, that’s the one…this photo doesn’t come up that easily on searches. Without the posting date, I would not have been able to find it.

  7. its really sad this historic entire residential area would eventually be obliterated and replaced by sweeping, multi layered highway ramps, and big box structures requiring even bigger parking lots they all can eat CROW !!!

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