17 thoughts on “SE Division Street, 1968

  1. I grew up on 61st off Division in the 60’s-70’s. My mom went to this meat market regularly.

  2. On Igor’s photo you can see an ad stand for ” New Blue” Gasco motor fuel. Gasco motor fuel was made by Portland Gas and Coke ( Now Northwest Natural Gas) they used a by-product of the manufactured gas process as an additive for gasoline.

  3. It looks like somebody just got a new Mustang parked behind the Times gas station. And look at those prices at Erv’s Meat ……..wonder what they would be today.

  4. It’s weird comparing today’s photo with a Google Street View from today because this small area has been heavily rebuilt and street junctions rerouted. It looks like SE 42nd was much busier back in 1968. The only Erv’s Meat Market I could find info about online is located in Jersey City back east. But just look at those meat prices posted on the windows: Ground Round 49 cents per pound and you didn’t need to be concerned about the quality of the meat back then, yet, as unhealthy feedlot production was still a few years away.

    Between the back of the International Loadstar (68?) box truck and the Volvo (122 or 130) following behind is a parked 1958 two-tone Ford Fairlane.

    I can’t place the hot rod passing in front of the meat market, looks like a Ford possibly.

    The pickup truck pulling out of the service station looks like an International from the front.

    The car nearest the camera I couldn’t find an exact match on. The rear taillights were the problem. The closest I could get was a 1967 Nash Rambler Ambassador. The backup lights are on the bumper but the taillights are split side to side, not vertically.

  5. Can anyone shed any light on the “HUFF For US Congress” sign near the Time Gas sign? I saw something about him being a strong anti-commie, strict evangelical type…is this the same guy?

  6. I believe that the car passing just out of frame on the right is a brand new for 1968 AMC Ambassador. That hotrod in front of the meat market looks like maybe a ’54 Chevy 4-door, or maybe a ’53 Dodge Coronet?

  7. Walter Huss (49) was running in the 1968 May Republican primary election against Douglas Warren for the 3rd District congressional seat that he lost to Warren. Douglas Warren lost the 3rd District November general election to Dem. Edith Green. The International in the gas station parking lot could be a city vehicle. The traffic cones on the front bumper lead me to think it is a city survey crew working on the realignment of this corner and they may have also taken this photo.
    Irv’s Red Steer Meat Market address was 4210 SE Division

  8. Please don’t engage with the political bait hustlers here. They want to derail this thread and talk about anything except the history of SE 42nd and Division in 1968. Thank you.

  9. Thanks, Dennis for your information on Huss (I don’t know where I got Huff from, it was a busy morning). No wonder I couldn’t locate any information on Huss if I typed in Huff.

  10. Robert G: I have been told that the street jogs here (and elsewhere in the city) are the result of surveying errors, where the development plat on the one side does not line up with the plat on the other side.

  11. I was wondering who’s land claim was here too, does anyone know or have a map that shows the east side land claims? I was thinking Ladd, maybe Stephens, but it seems to make sense if it’s a 2 to 4 property border. I tried a quick search, and although I’m no master researcher like the many excellent ones on VP, but I found this state site, the Genealogical Forum of Oregon, about Donation Land Act Claims, and I’m excited to peruse it. https://gfo.org/resources/indexes/pioneer/

    Amazing how interesting a fairly poor picture of an otherwise everyday intersection can tell so many stories. I woulda shopped at Erv’s for sure. 🙂

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