9 thoughts on “SE Madison Street, 1970

  1. Using GoogleEarth, it looks like the building is still there, but it’s no longer Miller Paint. It’s now Eastside Creative, an artists’ collective. Other than that the corner looks much the same, perhaps less industrial, more post-industrial.

  2. The old Miller Paint Factory building pictured here is now called the ‘Madison Suites’.
    One business at the entrance is called ‘Shout Out’ and another around the side of the building is ‘Eastside – Strength & Performance’ “Work Hard, Be Yourself, Get Better”.

    At first glance, the view doesn’t appear to have changed much beyond changes in building paint & signage but then you start noticing things that are gone in views today.
    The street signs and fire hydrant are still in the same place but the railroad tracks and railroad warning sign/lights have been removed or covered over.

    These buildings look to have been kept up fairly well through the years and some have been given trendy paint jobs today. I’m glad this is a vibrant business area today but it would seem strange to work under the roadway like that…but I guess once you are at your job and involved in your work, you don’t care all that much.

  3. The old Miller Paint Bldg. still has a sign atop it, visible from the SE Madison viaduct. No longer a Miller Paint sign, the current message is about adopting cats and dogs. I wonder if the sign structure is the original from 1970. It looks like it might be, same shape, etc.

  4. i love the central east side district lot of vintage stores and others good place to walk around find stuff laying on the ground id bring a small quart size bag and fill it with trinkets i pick up !

  5. Looks to me like it’s the old location of the Imperial Roller Rink. The Second Floor of course.., as a kid I spent a lot of time there going around and around and around and around.. .

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