Reservoir 2, circa 1910

Automobile near Reservoir 2 located at SE 60th Avenue and SE Division Street. A cow is drinking out of a cement livestock trough which is just in front of the gate chamber, circa 1910.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, Automobile at Reservoir 2, A2012-005, 1910.


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16 thoughts on “Reservoir 2, circa 1910

  1. Wonderful photograph capturing the overlap of machine and agrarian life during a population boom following the Lewis and Clark Columbia Exposition

  2. I grew up on 61st off Division… I spent my childhood on Mt Tabor I could see the reservoir from my upstairs bedroom window.

  3. Check out the car and clothes in pdx

    From: Vintage Portland Reply-To: Vintage Portland Date: Friday, March 12, 2021 at 8:03 AM To: “” Subject: [New post] Reservoir 2, circa 1910

    Vintage Portland posted: “Automobile near Reservoir 2 located at SE 60th Avenue and SE Division Street. A cow is drinking out of a cement livestock trough which is just in front of the gate chamber, circa 1910. View this image in Efiles by clicking here.”

  4. That gent is striking quite a swanky pose at the rear of the car; perhaps he was about to lower the rear windscreen. There were quite a few electric cars driving around town in those days, as well. Gas power vehicles were still 18 years away from their total take-over & dominance of the Portland landscape.

  5. The term cow is not an accurate description of this animal. It is a oxen something rarely seen today but quite common up until 125 years ago. A lot of the wagons on the Oregon trail were pulled by oxen.

  6. What an interesting photo! The ending of one era and the beginning of a new era. We used to drive by this reservoir with its stone gatehouse on the corner of 60th & Division every time we went to grandma’s in the 1950s. Glad to know the gatehouse is still there and great to see it in an even earlier time.

  7. One of my favorite VP pics–drove Mt Tabor this morning. From now on, when I take that turn, I’ll think of that fountain, the bovine and buggy. I love the picket fence of the neighbor and can see the roses, the Madame Caroline Testouts. And the one legged man–is he running or just faster than 1910 photography.

    And still, still two more years–two more years, still demanding suffrage, still carrying the signs of Sacagawea since 1868–until Oregon women will finally get the state right to vote. Yet…

    A few months earlier, Carolyn Shelton acted as Oregon’s governor. Fern Hobbs is climbing the ranks of the Oswald West’s administration. And, Lola Baldwin is creating the first Women’s Protective Division.

    And it was a beautiful day in Portland by Mt. Tabor.

  8. Thorn,
    Thank you for speaking to some of the people and events that surround this time period, especially the struggle of women to gain the vote and a few of the women who led remarkable lives and devoted themselves to worthy causes and public service during the era of visionary Governor Oswald West.

  9. the most unique reservoir in Portland ever built 1894 – 1911 it is the only Romanesque revival reservoir in Portland Oregon the gate house and other buildings a so cool & neat there is a another reservoir up at washingtion park just like the one at mt tabor and it has a dam it has nice Romanesque styling like arches iron work lamp posts & more !!

  10. My understanding of an ox is that it is a castrated bull. [American Heritage Dictionary.] This is unlike a steer, which was (and is) castrated when still young, an ox lost the jewels after it had built up the muscle mass of a bull. If that is true, it must have been one scary operation.

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