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  1. Joe Fisher freeway ford there on the right. West Burnside used to be auto row. Now that the firestone store is gone the only remnant of that era is Jim Fisher Volvo

  2. Does anyone remember the name of the beatnik coffee shop on the second story of the building on the SW corner of Burnside and 13th. the building is visible in the posted photo.

  3. My 1960 Volvo PV544 came from the corner of Joe Fisher’s building shown in the picture, that’s where they kept all the strange little furin cars.

  4. Bought a 1972 Ford Maverick from Joe Fisher. New; custom ordered; 302 V8, bucket seats, stick on the floor. Price: $2500.00. It was basically a Mustang without the class!

  5. Jim, I’d like to know the name of that Beat coffee hangout also. We had a family friend who was a student at Portland State and he went there all the time, read poetry.

  6. Robin,

    I used to sneak out of the house as a junior and senior in high school and take the bus downtown to go hear the poetry reading. Over time it morphed into a small music venue , with PH Factor Jug Band an others performing

  7. Referencing the last car heading west on Burnside, I remember seeing these 1964 Plymouth Fury’s and Belvederes around this time.

  8. WP,

    You nailed it. thank you so much. My friend and I have been trying to get that name for years. It was really cool place, and there was no alcohol so us youngsters could enjoy it too. Thanks again. Jim

  9. The 1963 Oldsmobile Jetfire on the left is a rare car. Turbocharged with Turbo Jet Fuel (methanol), the 215 ci engine produced one horsepower pet cubic inch.

  10. My friend Steve Fat Boy Brownlee did a lot psychedelic posters for groups around town in our late teens in 1967-1969. He rarely signed any. It was very cool to see some of the posters on the Rock Prosopography submitted by one of the commenters. Steve died in a car crash years ago near Bolinas California.

  11. We bought a 1965 Ford Thunderbird Landau from Joe Fisher Ford. It was one of the nicest cars I’ve ever owned. We had two young boys at the time. After the third one came along, there wasn’t enough room for five people, so we sold the car. I still miss it.

  12. Being unfamiliar with Caffe Espresso I learned from an Oregonlive story on 12/31/16 called “Java Flashback” that it started in 1958. Newspaper archives also indicate it was located near Portland State University, and later relocated to 424 SW 2nd, and the Oregonian says they relocate to SW 12th and Burnside in 1966-1967. In one story from November 1966 they mention that the owner & manager was Walter Cole, or as we may known him more recently as “Darcelle XV”. It appears when Walter Cole was discharge from the military he bought Caffe Espresso when it was still located near PSU. The Oregon Journal mentioned on 7/24/68 that Caffe Espresso was no longer in business.

  13. Worked at Joe Fisher in the 70’s and 80’s…..cool old building. Across the street was a tavern when I worked there….and of course the Dreamland tavern was up one more block.

  14. Caffe Espresso location update.
    I went back and looked at newspaper archives from 1966-67. Folksingers coffeehouse opened in late March 1966 at 409 SW 13th “upstairs”, with small display ads showing they were across from A B Smith . In 1967 they looked to be in some dispute with the City of Portland and they moved to “Orleans Alley” on SW 11th between Washington & Alder.

    The Oregon Journal on January 20, 1967
    Reports circulating among the bearded kaffee-klatschers that Caffe Espresso which lost its lease on premises on SW 2nd Ave. is negotiating for the quarters of its embattled rival, The Folksingers, on SW 13th Ave.
    So it looks like that both occupied the same space on SW 13th


  16. I like the big signs–it appears that WholeFoods kept the vertical Chevrolet sign, possibly moved it. I’m guessing the Crystal Motel sign (in igor’s google maps pic) was a saved original too, and just out of view in the VP pic.

    But I can’t quite place the tall building in the background; I feel like I should know it, and dumb if it is still there, but perhaps it was gone before my memory begins? Can anyone identify that building and tell me if and when it was demolished?

  17. Thorn the tall building in the background is the “Seven Thirty Five St. Clair” apartment building locate at 735 SW St. Clair ave. that open in November 1964. This building is 24 stories and 244 feet tall and is still there.

  18. I once lived in the Celio apartment building a couple of blocks NE of the St. Clair building. Both buildings underwent major structural/infrastructure renovations a couple years ago; great views but also quite dear ($).

    It’s odd, but the Celio (not the original name I don’t think) Building (25 stories, 1948) always seems to be out of view on every VP photograph I’ve seen taken of this area.

    The rooftop of the Celio was a great place to watch 4th of July fireworks; never seen anything like it, literally hundreds of displays going off non-stop in every direction.

  19. wploulorenziprince— The Celio Apartments at 901 SW King were named the King Tower Apartment for many decades, and that is what they were called the last time I was there in the mid 90’s. The King Tower Apartments are 12 stories tall, and opened in the fall of 1950. On October 29, 1950 a ad appeared in the Oregonian announcing the formal opening for “Portland’s New King Tower Apartments” and they were available for inspection from 10 am until 9 pm.

    The listed rental rates as follows (1950 Dollars)
    Bachelor Apartment $72 to $80
    One Bedroom Apartment $80 to $99.50
    Two Bedroom custom designed apartments $200 to $285
    Penthouses from $135

  20. Thanks Dennis! So that would be the new cooler name for the Vista-StClair, as we used to call it, correct? That was my first thought but then it appeared too solitary and close to Burnside. Appreciate the clarification! Annnd…now I’m rolodexing through a few faded memories from VistaStC too.

    VP rocks.

  21. Thorn the” Vista St, Clair Apartments” has an address of 1000 SW Vista, and have had the same name since opening in the fall of 1951, and news stories from that November show that it is a 13 story building. The Apartment building “Seven Thirty Five St. Clair” is one block north on SW St Clair, and when it opened in 1964 it was called “The Panorama Apartments” but I do not know when the name changed.

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