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  1. The only reason that I can think of that the City of Portland would have this picture in their files is the connection to Blanchet House in Portland.

  2. Thanks, Mike — I was wondering about that. The “Related” entries don’t really seem to be related, except that they’re all in VP.

  3. In 1968 there are 5 articles about the Blanchet Farm, and below is a excerpt from the June 20, 1968 article.

    Drunk Farm Idea Stays
    The City of Portland is going ahead with it’s alcoholic rehabilitation program, despite the Supreme Court ruling that alcoholism is not necessarily a disease.

    The city agreed a month ago to take over Blanchet House’s rehabilitation farm at Carlton, and give drunks a choice between the farm and a cell for drying out. No work will be required but inmates will receive food lodging and counseling at Carlton.

  4. The 62 acre Blanchet Farm residential program is still in Carlton, but their website does not indicate any City of Portland involvement.

    In 1968 the city of Portland leased the farm from Blanchet Farm for a $1 per year, and provided $22,000 for 3 staff members, food, transportation, clothing, and repairs. The City of Portland lease on the farm started was from 7/1/1968 thru 6/30/1970. The city also provided $1,427 for kitchen improvements.

  5. I am happy to learn about the Blanchet House non-profit organization not because I have the need for their services but because it’s rare for such organizations to not operate on the basis of some man-made religious doctrines*. I will certainly look into making a monetary donation to this organization. (* I’m aware that some of the founders of the organization were Catholic, but I’m very glad they have moved beyond that).

  6. wploulorenziprince — I followed the link you provided, and am also really glad to have learned about Blanchet House. On their website, they list a number of things they can use help with, and I’m going to take over some hand-knitted hats for some of their clients. Thanks for the lead!

  7. I knew about the place downtown, but not about the farm – that’s fantastic! What a great way to help people make a new start.

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