18 thoughts on “SE 17th Avenue, 1975

  1. Yes, 17th and McLoughlin. Mitchell is the little street that goes up the hill on the left. The old Aamco store is still there – Rivet Athletic Club

  2. The time and location makes me think that Datsun 510 wagon was mine. I had a job near there I might have been driving to work.

  3. Carmaker count:
    Chevrolet = 2
    Datsun = 2
    Ford = 3
    Freightliner = 1
    International Harvester = 1
    Volkswagen = 1

  4. North of McLoughlin behind that tall fence was a small automotive style battery manufacture the name of which now eludes me. I delivered several tank truck loads of sulfuric acid, contaminated with heavy metals, to them thru the years that I brought down from the smelter at Trail BC. Gone now but should not be forgotten. Site is no doubt still polluted to some degree.

  5. Rod Taylor– I found 2 business names located at 4915 SE 17th that were in the battery business. The DEQ list Cloumbia Battery at this location and also see the name of Battery Factory at the same address.

  6. The sign on the trailer behind the White Freightliner says “Going To The Dogs”. That was the motto used by the Blue Mountain Pet Food factory in Tualatin. It was located approximately where the Tualatin Fred Meyer is today and went out of business in the mid ’70’s.

  7. Ron I do remember the Blue Mountain Dog food plant in Tualatin and I remember the smell, but it was not where Fred Meyer is located. In the early 80’s a friend had a business on Nyberg Rd. just a short distance from the plant and today Tualatin Commons is on the site of the old dog food plant. Just to make sure I looked at a 1981 aerial photo that shows Fred Meyer where it is today and the dog food plant on Nyberg Rd.

  8. Back when Tualatin consisted of a dog food factory and a crawdad festival. I mean there was nothing out there.

  9. looks much different today wow all the vintage is gone i like the old signage ! that sheet metal on the small building is so ugly i imagine its just plane concrete probably still has the original paint underneath it !! take off the ugly gray metal siding !

  10. Rod Taylor, I bought a 6 volt battery from Columbia Battery in 1975. It was for the first truck I owned, a 1936 GMC half ton. Later in 1976 I bought another Columbia battery for my second truck, a 1937 Chevrolet 1.5 ton panel truck. They were good batteries. The company had a good reputation.

  11. i like this image because of the vintage street light fixtures in the early days it was gas lighting then incandescent then mercury vapor then sodium vapor and now its LED lights i wonder what will replace LED ? some day down the road

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