15 thoughts on “SW Arthur Street, 1972

  1. La Grande Industrial Supply. Yellow Pages says it’s been in business for 112 years. However, the web link is a dead end. It looks like they were purchased by or merged with a Canadian company; OLC Industrial Materials.

  2. Anybody remember the movie Road House with Patrick Swazye? He was the bouncer. That red car looks similar to the one he bought off the car lot. The car had ‘clamshell headlamps’ which came with doors that protected the headlights. I want one of those.
    *1965 Buick Riviera*

  3. The old 1954 Chevy 3100 pickup (5 window model?) with the D-I-Y camper on it is the only thing of interest in this photo, besides the La Grand Indust. Supply Co structure that had been around until fairly recently, since 1931.

    This whole section of Portland has been an area I’ve always tried to avoid since the first time I got stuck in one of the long lines of traffic there. They’ve crammed some apartments in recently but I wouldn’t want to live in this part of town – a corporate dead zone on weekends with traffic backups and always some sort of road construction always going on making traffic jams even worse.

  4. wploulorenziprince – this whole area and north to Market St was leveled and devastated in the 1950s-60s by a well-meaning but misguided “urban renewal” project. The result is basically an uninviting wasteland.

  5. The block of First Ave north of Arthur St is all deep fill. A century ago at least part of the LaGrand property would have been located in Marquam Gulch. A major playground for the Italian and Jewish kids that lived in the surrounding neighborhood.

  6. at this time, 1/2 block to the south, on the West side of Arthur, was the Psychedelic Supermarket. a truly unique establishment.

  7. Jim Hanset—- The Psychedelic Supermarket was the subject of the VP photo on August 22, 2014, and was on the radar of the Portland Police & City Council in the summer of 1969, and for a time the city shut the business down. There are a few stories in the Oregonian from 1969 about their fight with the city, and below is the caption of an Oregonian photo of the supermarket from 3/18/1969.

    PORTLAND HIPPIE community, loosely incorporating old area of town south of Barbur Blvd. around Lair Hill Park has been termed by police and city council as a haven for runaways and drug-oriented young people. This is location of the Psychedelic Supermarket at SW First and Meade St. (2739 SW 1st)

  8. love those bronze colored street lights with the big shades ! from the mid 70s
    i hope they stay around !!

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