SW 2nd Avenue,1977

SW 2nd Avenue and SW Morrison Street looking northeast, 1977.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, View of Dahl and Penne Card Room from SW 2nd and SW Morrison looking northeast, A2011-006, 1977


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11 thoughts on “SW 2nd Avenue,1977

  1. We had quite a nice discussion about this site a couple of weeks ago — see the “Related” link to SW Morrison, 1977. Particularly neat to see the way it looked 40 years before today’s photo (thanks to Mike K.).

  2. Wow, nice ’73 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS in classic brown. The “ducktail” spoiler was only for one year. It looks correct though it’s possible that someone added it to a lesser Porsche.

  3. Regarding the blue 1973 Datsun pickup about to cross the intersection, one still sees these occasionally still being used as daily drivers. I once had a close friend in Davis CA who owned a 1969 model, and the truck managed to outlive him. I always that the name Datsun was a much better name than Nissan. I bought a used 1990 Toyota pickup with 121K on it, that I drove for 18 years and sold recently. In the years that I owned it, I had many people approach me offering to buy it. Mine had a bench seat and it was great. Aggressive-looking jacked-up 5 passenger monster trucks with tiny beds rule the roads and highways now.

    That tri-colored VW Camper/Bus color combination must have been very popular because it seems like I still see that quite often when I see old VW Buses.

    The yellow VW Rabbit parked facing away from the camera was a fun car to drive, mine was silver, but my time with it was cut short when I hit a deer on my way to class.

  4. Mike, indeed it is, and a first gen model with round headlights. Square headlights wouldn’t make an appearance until ’78, then four square headlights in ’81 when they went to the Fox platform.
    Due to circumstances beyond my control at the time, I became an involuntary Granada expert.

  5. The makers of “Datsun” also thought “Datsun was a better sounding name than “Nissan”. That’s why they waited as long as they did to rename them. They didn’t think Americans would take to the name.

  6. Van’s Olympic Room (on the right) was the site of a 1970s uproar, depicted in Don DuPay’s book “Behind The Badge In River City” (1961-1978).
    Back in 1990 or so the sign bore the name JOHNETTE’S

  7. Some good cars in here. Citroen DS, a 911, and an early Rabbit, and from the looks of it, may even be a “swallowtail” which is a holy grail Rabbit for car nerds like me.

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