10 thoughts on “SW Harbor Drive, 1944

  1. Is that the Hawthorne Bridge in the background? Then what is the bridge in the foreground? Having grown up in Portland, but not living there now for many years, I’m getting a little confused about bridge names. Also, what is that very tall building at the west end of the bridge? Thank you.

  2. The tall tower are part of the old public market, and you can see them clearly in the VP photo from May 31, 2013

  3. Amazing photo of a transformational period. Awful that we lost so many incredible iron buildings, but awesome the difference an open park space makes. Is the end of the old Morrison Bridge mid-rennovation? The girders look bent and disconnected from the rampway…

  4. This is an interesting photograph with its imposing bridge and building silhouettes. The lone pedestrian walking a dog? along the waterfront in the distance, the approaching bus with its headlights on along with the series of wooden boxes spaced out and lined up along the roadway helps to add mystery to the shot. It’s interesting that the photographer chose to use a fill flash when he took this shot, probably unintentional since it wasn’t needed.

    On this Tuesday morning, while this was going on here, White House records show that FDR was enjoying his lunch (on a bed tray) with a Mrs. John Boettiger at the bedside. See handwritten documents here: http://www.fdrlibrary.marist.edu/daybyday/daylog/march-28th-1944/

    I’m speculating what might have been in those wooden crates set out on the sidewalk, that I mentioned earlier, might contain…are they new street lamps that have not yet been uncrated and put up?

  5. Thorn, what you’re seeing is the “truncated” truss section that was created when Harbor Drive was constructed. The original truss was a regular symmetrical truss that extended past the seawall (after it was built). But with Harbor Drive needing to pass underneath, they essentially cut off the western end of the truss and replaced it with a concrete overpass to get the necessary clearance for Harbor Drive.

    You can see the original “regular” truss, pre-Harbor Drive, in this previous VP photo.

  6. They also lowered the roadway creating the Harbor Drive Dip. During the 1964 Christmas Flood I saw the water was trickling down the waterside wall in the dip.

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