SW Morrison Street, 1977

View of Dahl & Penne Card Room from SW Morrison Street looking north, 1977.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, View of Dahl and Penne Card Room from SW Morrison looking north, A2011-006, 1977.


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15 thoughts on “SW Morrison Street, 1977

  1. oh boy. this is my era of car expertise. this is a honey pot!
    right up front we have the tail end of a honda CVCC i think before it was even called a civic. then a buick regal and a pinto wagon… behind that we have some real gems that are starting to get traction in the classic car market including: an MGB GT a datsun 240-z a couple of datsun 280-z’s a volvo 242 and an Audi Fox. There’s also a 3rd generation toyota corolla… and then look how massive that Lincoln Continental is next to the 280z.

    Some other cars of note… lots of bugs… i see an old ford country squire station wagon from the late 60’s. and what appears to be an extremly rare opel manta with a black bonnet… i see a few 70’s era chevy malibu’s in there as well as the nose of a 72 or 73 mustang… and a few more older volvos as well…

  2. also just spotted an amc pacer, an early 70’s base model chevelle… and what appears to be a dodge dart swinger…

    what did i miss?

  3. Was the Dahl and Penn Card Room just a tavern or what? I remember seeing this advertisement while walking around downtown but never walked past the front of the building.

  4. Carl Vermilya, The Oregonian, 4-4-2018 wrote about Dahl & Penne Bar/Card Room:

    This workingman’s bar located downtown at Southwest Second Avenue and Alder Street opened in the 1890s and continued until the 1980s. It featured a newsstand and a licensed card room – one of the few places where gambling was allowed. In the 1960s, the bar became a part of the city’s underground gay night scene, and in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, it was recognized as the bar/business of the year several times by the Imperial Rose Court for its showroom where drag shows were staged.

    For those who might be interested in such things, here is a link I came across of testimony from a Congressional hearing on Improper Activities In The Labor Field that mentions The Dahl & Penne Card Room their owners, civic leaders, officers.

  5. Ahhh, 1977. I tried to deduce the time of year. Judging by the weather and sleeves on the lot attendant–and lack of Blazer bumper stickers or signs–I’m going to guess it’s early Spring. It won’t be long before we get our first glimpse of a galaxy far far away, dunk on Dr. J and Chocolate Thunder in the NBA Championship, bell-bottom boogie to the Bee Gees anthem, and jump for joysticks on the Atari 2600. On the billboard, a James Bond/Marlboro Man/Burt Reynolds-esque “Meet the Turk” model preceded the better-known curly blonde Camel Man campaign.

  6. Thorn…you beat me to it. “meet the Turk”. Too many complaints on that slogan so they pulled it. Kinda like “the Frito bandido”.

  7. DJ…yes, interesting and ironic ad campaign! One, a rare instance in American advertising that positively portrayed a person from Turkey. (Btw, the male model was actually a New Yorker, with parents from Yugoslavia and Italy). Two, coincidentally and contemporaneously, the country of Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974, and folks would edit the last word to “jerk” or “turd”. I’m guessing that’s why the secondary slogan, “One of a kind”, is used instead.

  8. Nine of our beloved VW Kraut-cans and one lone Audi 100LS. Ahh, the old days when folks drove to work in Portland,

  9. Good auto work Zuul and Bob,
    Still a decade away from the SUV explosion. Not a light truck in sight either.
    Nobody mentioned that handsome Pinto wagon front & center !

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