11 thoughts on “Stanton Yard, 1931

  1. Good photo of men at work. Zoom in on the lower left of the photo and you’ll see two guys in suspendered overalls hard at work. The guy holding the hammer is classic! I love the way he’s standing, looking for what to hammer next. His bib overalls have upturned cuffs to avoid the mud–and there’s plenty of it. See his muddied shirt. Just behind them looks like someone’s built a little ramp for a wheel barrow. Although I also see a truck parked inside, just beyond the workers. Maybe it hauled in a bunch of construction material. Love the action and muscle in this photo. Thanks, VP!

  2. Thanks for the reminder of the earlier post, Dominic. We had quite a nice discussion about the Stanton Yard project there!

  3. The caption is poor. As Ron said above, they are forming and placing the concrete walls for an addition to an existing building.

  4. It looks like there is some sort of vehicle inside the enclosure they’re building, and from the looks of it, it’s gonna be tough getting it out there.

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