7 thoughts on “SE 17th Avenue, 1975

  1. A large ad in the Oregonian on November 5, 1972 (p 193) invites readers to the “Grand Opening” of the “Spirit of 17th” on the corner of SE 17th and McLoughlin. They dealt in “stereo specialties featuring famous make stereo equipment and tapes.” On sale that week were such items as an 8 track custom cartridge stereo tape player for $89.95 and an AF/AM stereo 8 track player system for $112.95. There was a sister store advertised on the same page, “Spirit of 82nd” at 1409 SE 82nd.

    Oddly, my search in the Historical Oregonian database for “Spirit of 17th” brought up only two more ads, nothing else for them.

  2. I can still remember plugging Foghat into the Craig PowerPlay 8 track in my 68 Dodge Charger and cranking it up.
    “‘Cause I’m a fool for the city, I’m a fool for the city….”

  3. Looks like the buildings on the right margin of the photo were torn out during the widening of SE McLoughlin Blvd.

    Using Google Street View to get a chronology of what businesses have occupied this spot since 2007 we find:
    July 2007-April 2009 Budget Blinds – then sometime after it closed, and became Smart Real Estate.Net, and by July 2011 the building was vacant and for lease.
    April 2014 the building housed the Transformational Voice Institute. And by April 2016 this business was gone (or renamed) …
    April 2016 Vox Academy-Integrated Vocal Study. This is when plants and trees were planted in front to beautify the space. Sometime after this, the record is broken and the building is vacant until the last Google car drive-by in June 2019.

    During this time (1975) I was living on the San Francisco Peninsula in San Mateo and the stereo outfit I remember was ‘Pacific Stereo’. They ran radio ads on many stations and offered complete home stereo systems (receiver, turntable & speakers) for $99.99.

    I never owned an 8 track machine, my friends all had them and it seemed like they were prone to “eating” tapes, so I never bothered with buying one.

  4. I never purchased an eight track either. I remember all the tapes my friends decks ate. He had a dark blue 67 GTO with Cragers. One tape that did last though was that Doobie Bros album with the song “China Grove”.

  5. wploulorenziprince, I’m pretty sure that the building on the right is still there today; it is/was a gym and was a cell phone/beeper store for years and years.
    What I find interesting about this photo is what is not on the corner today; the upright cabinet set back from the corner that undoubtedly held the control circuitry for the traffic lights at 17th and McLoughlin, and the mailbox situated so that it was best used from Mitchell and not 17th.

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