SW Front Avenue Widening Project, 1941

An image from the SW Front Avenue (Naito Parkway) widening project, looking north toward Burnside Bridge, 1941.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2009-009.4,


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11 thoughts on “SW Front Avenue Widening Project, 1941

  1. Another cold grey day in Portland, just before the war.

    In amongst all these newer cars here, is an older 1929 FORD Model “A” Roadster on the near right; that has a pretty shabby looking spare tire mounted at the rear.

    The car in the roadway with an occupant waiting inside could be the photographer’s ride back to the office. I suppose it could be a car being parked, but I don’t think so because, from the looks of it, back in parking didn’t appear to be so popular those days like it is today.

  2. “wploulorenziprince” That Model A looks pretty shabby all the way around considering that it’s only about 12 or so years old at this point.

  3. Mike Powers furniture store was located at SW 3rd and Yamhill from 1911 until they sold the business to Director’s furniture in 1957. The Powers furniture store had a 50 foot high Goose on the roof from 1928 until it was removed in 1964, and you can see the tail of the Goose painted on the side of the building in today’s photo. Powers furniture built a furniture factory and warehouse at 123 NE 3rd in 1925, but a plumbing permit from 1943 shows that the building was owned by the Housing Authority, so perhaps they moved their warehouse to the building shown here.

  4. During WW II the Powers furniture factory and warehouse at 123 NE 3rd ave. was converted by the Housing Authority of Portland to a reception center and dormitory with 498 beds and opened in July 1943, it was open to single men, and married men awaiting their families, but was a failure as it only have 20 occupants and by December 30 1943 plans had been made to close it.

  5. The roadster is not a Model A; but a 1929 Chev The license plate is located in the center of the spare;aChev feature. Model A had the license affixed to the L.H. fender.Also the bumpers were flat without ridges

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