10 thoughts on “N Lombard Street, 1972

  1. That’s a nice 1961 Chevrolet Impala SS (409) parked here on Chatham Ave. I have no experience or knowledge of this area, it looks like a very livable area.

    The church looks well maintained and they’ve improved the landscaping over time; as it no longer has bushes growing up against the building’s exterior, and it’s nicely painted.

  2. I needed the Street View to believe that this is really along Lombard. Talk about a realtor’s eye for photo composition!

  3. I remember back in the very early 1990s, this neighborhood was in a bad way. My insurance agent was a couple blocks down the street on the other side of Lombard, and the whole section from about Greeley to Interstate was real rough.

  4. The Kenton AA meeting is/was held there every Saturday before Covid. Nobody knows what I look like so I don’t care who knows. Been going since 1989 or so.

  5. And by the way the “Barn tavern is almost directly across Lombard from this photo. Also Lung Fung Chinese on opposite side of street from the Chevy on the corner. Lung Fung closed and the Barn has gone from selling the most kegs of beer in PDX to a fence around the perimeter and maybe one or two cars.

  6. wploulorenzprince– According to production numbers for the 61 Impala 491,000 cars were built and only 453 had the SS package, and of those only 152 had the 409 engine. That would be one rare Impala.

  7. LOL I’m the current pastor at Kenton Church. The owner of The Barn passed a couple of years ago. Lung Fung’s is not “Tiny Bubbles” with outdoor seating in the back, due to COVID. I came in ’91 and the area around, like Piedmont and The Villa, were hard areas. Can’t afford a house in this area now.

    BTW The AA Group continues to meet. They do virtual but they also have a gathering limited to about 10 or so. They’ve celebrated over 30 years there. We also host one on Wednesday evening as well.

  8. Thanks, Dennis. When I look the cars up online, I just type whatever the description for the cars say; I didn’t know 409s were rare, I thought it might be standard. Thanks for giving me this info. Trivia is good to know.

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