8 thoughts on “SE Clay Street, 1960

  1. This corner address has two driveways that snakes through property from both SE Clay St. & SE 72nd Ave. The structure that looks like it’s in the early stages of construction here, is a large carport that will joins both driveways; coming from different directions. The empty lots in this photo have all been filled in today and the two houses on the uphill slope are still around today.

  2. That was a beautiful professionally designed house in 1960, above average even for a professionally designed house. The current owners would do well to restore it to its original colors and finishes. It must have beautiful views of mount hood while being in the shadow of Mt. Tabor for its entire existence.

  3. Hello from the current owners — we appreciate the comments and the love! It was built 1950-52 by Barb Mitchell’s parents. Barb made a photo book of black and white photos of the house while it was being built. I believe the original house color was a red stain — so we’ll pass on the recommendation to return it to its original color. The original views of Mt. Hood which undoubtedly inspired the house’s design have unfortunately been blocked by neighbors’ trees.

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