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  1. This photo may be from the demolition of buildings on Front ave. in 1941. Peerless Pacific a wholesale plumbing, heating and mill supply company located at 311 SW Front Ave. announced they were relocating from this address to a new location on N Interstate ave. at N Thompson in the Oregonian November 10, 1940. The Oregonian on December 27, 1941 had a story that a workman was killed during the demolition of buildings on Front Ave. between SW Alder & SW Morrison when a 25′ high brick wall collapsed at Zehrfeld Produce located at 401 SW Front Ave.
    The VP photo from last week on 12/31/20 shows the area in today’s photo from 1942 with the newly completed section of Harbor Dr. and Front Ave. as documented by news stories from the time.

  2. All these men are hard work on this overcast Tuesday. I hope their wives were using Tide to get those grubby overalls clean (ha, ha).

    In about 10 weeks’ time, allied forces would be storming the beach at Normandy.

  3. Taking a second look at this photo these men appear to be making a repair to the seawall, and it looks like they are hoisting up or lowering a timber where one is missing in this area and taking care to not damage the top railing by covering it with wood.
    The year is unknown, but per my first comment it would not be 1944

  4. I’ve asked this before on this site –but–does anyone know when those timbers along the seawall were all removed? They are all long gone.

  5. Mike I can not give you a definitive year when the timbers along the seawall were eliminated, but if you look at the May 31, 2019 VP photo it shows that in 1974 the timbers were still in place. The development of Waterfront Park started about 1975 so possibly the were removed during this construction project. If you use Google streetview there are images from a boat on the Willamette river that shows what looks like wooden timbers still against the seawall from the south side of the Burnside bridge to about SW Ankeny.

  6. Are there any good VP pictures of the floating metal docks that used to line the seawall?. There were maybe 3 or 4 of them I seem to remember. I used to fish off those in the mid 70’s. You used to buy able to buy fishing worms downtown and then head to the river to fish. All the carp and bullheads that you can haul in!

  7. before the baseball hat replaced the fedora as workwear…

    meanwhile… is it me? or does that look like number man… sans numbers… at the top of the wall on the left… dude is like zelig…

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