City Park, circa 1907

A bridge in City Park, which later became Washington Park, circa 1907. You can see a similar scene from a previous post by clicking here.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2004-002.575.


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10 thoughts on “City Park, circa 1907

  1. This photo of the footbridge and waterfall looks much like it did on the day I proposed to my wife Elsie. It was a sunny warm day, and I had picked her up and we rode my buggy up there. I was very nervous and had a bottle of champagne stashed out of view. When we got up there, I secured the horses, and when I walk around the carriage to take her hand and help her down she looked so beautiful, her auburn hair, her green eyes, that I took her hand in mine and proposed right then. I had planned to do it later, but I just couldn’t stop, the words just came flowing out of me. What a grand day, that was.

  2. With wploulorenziprince’s response and the film-noir night shot pulled up by ssssteven, I’m thinking very romantic, nostalgic thoughts. “Somewhere in Time….” I can almost hear the Indian Love Call resounding through the forest and across the rushing waters, as I appreciate this beautiful photo. Perfect for a Christmas Eve reverie. Thanks, Vintage Portland, and all contributors.

  3. ssssteven: No, I’m not 138 years old…this a piece of fiction that I thought of when I saw this scene. I hope someone in the past had an experience like the one I described. Happy holidays.

  4. wploulorenziprince: I’m sure they did have such a wonderful experience and you’ve tuned into that. Happy Holidays to you!

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