9 thoughts on “NE Skidmore Street, 1987

  1. How about the old steel garbage cans. My Mom used to line those with newspaper. Why? I never knew. But I hated doing it.

  2. The owners certainly regretted planting that evergreen so close to the house, and they may have regretted planting the maple so close to the house as well. I has thrived. I’m pleased to note that the house now has solar panels, and a bike loop out in front of it….

  3. the HOUSE certainly qualifies, even if the photo doesn’t! and that car looks to be vintage, with the dings to prove it.

  4. The beat-up green car is surprisingly hard to pinpoint as Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth cars in the 70s changed up so often. This car looks like a 1976 Dodge Dart judging by the rear roof-line and rear end configuration, but it has a longer name across the rear (Chrysler or Plymouth) – whatever it is, I know I remember seeing these ugly cars around, back then. The dents on the doors are most peculiar like the doors striking something low-down when opened, or being run into by something at a lower level.

    I would guess that this house is now a rental unit.

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