11 thoughts on “Mt. Tabor, 1957

  1. The loos housed within this, mock Tudor style structure has always been closed every time I’ve gone to use them. I guess the City has sound reasons for keeping them locked up and unmaintained (homeless might camp there, too expensive to service); but it still seems wasteful, somehow. Plastic porta-potties have taken over.

  2. In the 1950s these Mt. Tabor loos were gay cruising hangouts, regularly patrolled by Portland police. A distant friend of the family was arrested there one night.

  3. If you pan out on Robert G’s now photo, you’ll see a lovely aqua porta-potty. Public restrooms in this day and age are problematical. I vaguely remember the downtown park restrooms being open and then suddenly they weren’t. All closed sometime in the 1960s I believe.

  4. Robin Thompson: So this was a popular spot for gay meetups/encounters in the 1950s, that’s an interesting bit of trivia. Thanks.

  5. Was this the restroom that was located near the volcano and former stage and amphitheater? I remember getting black and brown porous rocks there when we were kids in the 60″s.

  6. Laura, I think this one is closer to the summit than the one you’re talking about. There is another restroom building at the north end of the park right next to the amphitheater. That one’s also mock tudor, but it’s got stucco exterior now if I remember correctly.

  7. Vlad, this Tudor-style restroom building was built long before 1957. Known as the Summit Restroom, it was constructed in the English/French Norman residential style, probably in the 1920s. For more info, see “Park Structures,” pp. 11-12, in the park’s master plan document at: https://www.portland.gov/sites/default/files/2020-07/mt-tabor-park-master-plan-2000-2008-amendment.pdf According to the master plan, this and other historically-significant park structures will eventually be repaired and restored.

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