3 thoughts on “Cathedral Park, 1980

  1. I met my future guitar teacher Jim Mesi at a fair in the park on the weekend of Sept. 17, 2006 (also my wife’s birthday); he and his blues band were playing there. My wife and I had only been in town for 1.5 years and this park event was a lot of fun, it was a perfect day. The St. Johns Bridge is beautiful.

    The building above the bridge roadway in the photo is still there and now houses Moonstruck Chocolate Factory. Much more residential housing occupies this area now than it did in 1980.

  2. I’ll never forget an event they had at Cathedral Park in the early ‘90s. They opened up the door on the huge cement “bunker” at the base of the bridge. Some portable work lights were set up on the floor and directed up into the gloomy shaft above. All the massive steel cables terminated in that space, brought together in a massive clamp and bundle over our heads. It was an awe-inspiring look at how that beautiful bridge was constructed.

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