7 thoughts on “Pittock Mansion , 1964

  1. At first I was thinking ” Are we sure this was taken from the grounds of Pittock Mansion?” because the houses below did not look right for that area but after looking at the houses on NW Monte Vista Terrace they do look right.

  2. Cant quite see the house, I lived on Monte Vista a few years in the early 80s.
    Great fun the parties there. Darcelle and Sandy Director were regulars…
    I knew it was a bad location that house was crooked as hell. I sold it just in time, about a year later it shifted about 12” within six weeks time.

  3. Portland’s population in 1964 was 720,000 with an annual change of 2.27 %, which was down from 2.47 % from the year-earlier (Pop. in 1963, 704,000). Annual population growth shot up to 2.50% in 1965 (Pop. 738,000). Yearly oscillations continued and by 1969 the city returned to the 1964 low of 2.27% (pop. 810,000).

    From 1960 – 1970, Portland’s population went from 656,000 to 829,000.
    1970 – 1980, 829,000 to 1,030,000
    1980 -1990, 1,030,000 to 1,181,000
    1990 – 2000, 1,181,000 to 1,589,000
    2000 – 2010, 1,589,000 to 1,857,000
    2010 – 2020, 1,857,000 to 2,151,000 EST.

  4. From the 1960 US Census the city of Portland had a population of 372,298, and the last completed US Census in 2010 shows the city of Portland had a population 583,776. These totals reflect the population within the city limits of Portland only. The total population of Multnomah County in 1960 was 527,813.

  5. I’m amazed and wonder…

    The Pittock Mansion was put on sale in 1958 and didn’t sell.
    After Columbus Day Storm 1962, they considered demolition.
    This pic was taken in the midst of the public/city fundraising, purchase and restoration.
    Has the Pittock Mansion ever experience any shifting from landslides or quakes?

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