5 thoughts on “Laurelhurst Park, 1978

  1. The weather had begun to cool and folks were dragging out their sweaters, heavier shirts, and jackets.
    The threesome of walkers at the front are displaying very clear body language. The woman and the man in the center are engaged in flirtatious conversation making lots of direct eye contact. She has just finished making some point and the middle guy is making a “yes, but” reply to her last comment; he fidgetting with a leaf as he makes his witty point, and she responds by fidgetting with the back of her sweater.
    The tall long-haired fellow at the right is feeling totally superfluous and left out (“two’s company, three’s a crowd”); he’s looking off in the distance, away from the other two and he got his hands in tucked into his pockets for some extra warmth as he’s certainly feeling left out in the cold. He’s probably quite sorry he invited his friend to come along.

  2. Wow, I already miss the old posting schedule. Early risers had already filled in the background with their stories and research by the time I dropped in.

    The schedule change makes sense. Hopefully it doesn’t run off good comments along with the bad.

  3. In 2012, Laurelhurst Park was host to the International Tree Climbing Championship. They have also had PNW regional competitions there as well. If you get a chance to observe one of these, it is not to be missed.

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