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  1. I didn’t find anything about Daffy, but I did find this about Chief Blount. It’s accompanied by a nice headshot of him.
    “BADGE PRESENTED BATTALION CHIEF: The gold badge of battalion fire chief was presented last week to Ray Blount, battalion chief of fire district No. 3, at a party at engine No. 8 fire station. Fire Chief Edward Grenfell pinned the badge on Blount’s coat in recognition of his permanent appointment as battalion chief after the usual one-year probationary period. Chief Blount has served 28 years with the fire department. As chief of district No. 3, he is in charge of all fire operations outside the city in fire districts that have paid for city protection. He was formerly senior captain of engine No. 8.” — Oregonian January 9, 1950, p. 11

  2. Daffy certainly could strike a good pose for the camera when he needed to; he was a cute mascot for #8.
    I’ve no knowledge of fire vehicles but I did a search, and as far as I can tell, I’d say they’re all sitting in an American LaFrance Rescue vehicle – quite interesting lines to it too.

  3. Good eye wl! Here’s another shot of station 15 from 1948, when they were still running a significantly older engine out of that station:

  4. quality of light is similar in the two photos, both dated 48… perhaps taken same day, at some sort of event featuring old and new? retirement party? kiddie day at the stationhouse?

  5. Liz— The Oregon Journal on the date you had listed when Ray Blount received his Battalion Chief Badge there a larger photo with Chief Grenfell with the badge in hand awarding it to Bert Blount, and the details in the photo caption are the same as the Oregonian. Searching the Oregon Journal I located 10 news articles from the 1950’s where Battalion Chief Bert Blount is mentioned, and he is shown as Bert on the same dates in the Oregonian. The US Census from 1930 & 1940 show that Bertram Blount is a Portland Fireman, and his 1942 draft reg. card also shows that he is a Portland fireman living at 928 N Dekum, and his work address is 1436 SW Montgomery. Bert (Bertram) Blount would have been 45 years old when this photo was taken, and I located a funeral notice for Bertram Blount August, 1, 1961, but not obit. I have no info on Daffy.

  6. Liz– The Oregonian does have a Obit. for Bertram Blount with the same photo as your story that was published August 1, 1961 I think it is page 13

  7. Great sleuthing, Dennis! I commented to my husband, “Let’s see what Dennis comes up with!” after hitting “send” on my early morning comment, and you’ve come through splendidly!

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