13 thoughts on “Eastmoreland Golf Course, circa 1930

  1. Just a guess but it looks like it might be here before the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden and the bridge.

  2. That lake looks peaceful but it’s swallowed up more than one of my golf balls, especially the 12th hole. Never forget the 2004 Weapons of Grass Destruction tournament!

  3. If I’m not mistaken I think the camera was actually on the golf course (off the green on the hole that’s very close to the water #?) shooting southeast. I say this because the rooftops of two homes are seen here and these houses are located off SE 28th Ave – the most prominent one probably being at 6420 off 28th.

  4. It looks like the entire course is on Google Street view. See if you can find the view from the course you are talking about.

  5. Yesterday I was reading old Oregonian articles about Johnson Creek and I skimmed some stories about the City applying for a permit to take water from Crystal Springs to irrigate the golf course.

  6. Igor– If you enter this address 3414 SE Harold Ct on Google maps you will see the headwaters of Crystal Springs creek are just North of Reed College. Portland Enviromental services has a digital tour of the creek that will show the course the creek takes to it’s end at Johnson creek.

  7. There are springs on the campus of Reed College. You could ( not now the campus is closed to the public due to covid) go and watch the water bubble up out of the ground. ( Been there and did that)

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