8 thoughts on “W Burnside Street, 1940

  1. Oregonian June 17, 1940 page 13

    Paving On Calendar
    Pavement of the widening portion of W. Burnside St. from 23rd Ave. to Macleay Blvd. will be undertaken by city paving plant under an ordinance which Commissioner William A. Bowes has sent to the city council. The project extends 1280 feet.

  2. It must have been quite an experience coming down that hill on Burnside with the cars pictured– no hydraulic brakes.

  3. This is an interesting photo for me to look at because this is the area of Portland I recently moved out of. The two cars nearest the camera looked “parked” to me (workers cars), at the curb with their front wheels turned towards the curb; the truck may be parked as well even though the wheels are not curbed.
    In the distance, the tall multi-story apartment building (Uptown Tower Apartments) off
    SW St. Claire Ave. is still in use today. Moving one block west (towards the camera) to the next street intersecting W. Burnside from the south is the steep downhill street SW Vista Ave. and I can see that the southwest corner in this photo does not yet have the Richfield service station that would later be placed there in later years (it is seen there in VP photos of the late 1950s).
    At present, this is a crazy high traffic area with far too many intersecting streets, strip malls, parking lots all converging in this tight multi block area seen here. It’s not a very pleasant area to drive in (especially in the morning and evening), walking is much better however, one needs to keep a close eye on the traffic/crossing lights to avoid being hit.

  4. Looking down into the city, I can see the iconic steeple of the First Presbyterian Church, one of Portland’s most beautiful buildings. It sticks out. LOL

  5. The invasive English ivy (hedera helix) appears to have already taken over the hillside on the south. That’s contributed significantly to the slides in this area.

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