Vintage Portland Community

In June 2014, the Portland City Archives took over the Vintage Portland blog, excited to engage with the Vintage Portland community and explore the City’s extensive photo collection. Over six years later, the VP community has grown and discussions about the history of Portland have flourished. It is my hope that this site will continue to be a place for people to explore Portland through historical images. I want to remind everyone of the Code of Conduct, which includes the Social Media Terms of Use. Please keep the terms of use in mind when you comment on posts. I look forward to seeing your discussions relating to the images posted.

City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2004-002.3562.

10 thoughts on “Vintage Portland Community

  1. Vintage Portland has been a wonderful and fascinating resource. I appreciate that most comments are civil and respectful. Thank you so much.

  2. Thanks. I appreciate getting these photos. Even got one that showed a house I lived in in the 1950-1960s. Not sure what prompted tis email about comments, but nothing would surprise me these days. Keep ’em coming.

    *Peace, Justice, Solidarity,*Michael Funke Bend, Oregon

    *Agitate, organize, mobilize, resist*

    *Tiny purple fishes run laughing through your fingers.* –Cream

    *Hail, Hail Rock and Roll.* –Chuck Berry, 1957

    *Opportunity will move out of the way to let a man pass it by.* –Henry Fool

    *It’s not the rebels of the world that cause the troubles. It’s the troubles that cause the rebels. *–Carl Oglesby

    *I believe that everybody is getting carried away with something that has gotten out of hand.*

  3. I, too, love Vintage Portland. I even regret that we don’t get posts on weekends! You say, “the Portland City Archives took over the Vintage Portland blog.” Who was responsible for it before the City Archives took over?

  4. That has been 7 years ago?? Wow. I am a 3rd generation Portlander and I love getting VP posts, but even more, I have learned so much from the sharp and informed comments that other folks fascinated with Portland post.

  5. I grew up in Portland and haven’t lived there for years, but I sure enjoy this blog! I look forward to it every weekday. Monday through Friday. I’ve learned so much from the old photos and all the comments and posts. Portland has changed so much, but it’s great to recognize familiar buildings, neighborhoods, streets, and parks from my youth. I feel a kinship with many of the regular commenters in that we all share a love of history of this great old town. So lets keep it cool and continue to enjoy and appreciate this fascinating blog. Thanks, Vintage Portland!

  6. I’d like to echo these comments. Dan Davis once dug up the intersection of W 21st & Burnside for me from the 1950’s. An intersection where my Mom and Dad worked across the street from each other, met and the rest is history. After that, I was hooked and sometimes go to the places on this blog. Keep it going and stay cool.

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