14 thoughts on “SW Barbur Boulevard, 1935

  1. Best guess, this is near the Town & Country apartments. Rock slides could have been a problem here so it looks like the workers are removing the hillside away from the highway. When the American workhorses roll up their sleeves, they can move a mountain!

  2. The curve in Barbur validates Johnny’s suggestion. Thinking we are standing near Buhler cutoff looking north.

  3. I don’t know if this is the work being performed here, but the location matches a project that appears in a Oregonian on August 28, 1935 (page 2) for Multnomah County that received federal funds.

    Excavation of a rock point on Barbur Blvd. at Slavin rd. for the purpose of securing a better vision of approaching traffic. Federal funds $5205: sponsor’s contribution $83.

  4. So, the wooden trestle appears to have been a temporary structure whereby excavated earth could be transported, wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow, safely across the road to be deposited or possibly loaded into trucks. Pretty amazing.

  5. Anybody have any additional info on Buhler Cut Off Rd? That looks like a pretty steep climb if it allowed cars.

  6. Monthly Labor Review data for 1936 shows the common average pay rates for skilled and unskilled laborers was $.45 to $.95 cents per hour, so each of these men were likely earning anywhere from $3.60 to $7.60 per day (note: the lowest rate was $.15.).

  7. In the 1960s I knew a neighbor who spent his career with the Oregon Highway Dept. He pointed out sites along Barbur Blvd between Hamilton St and Slavin Road that were used to dump fill dirt, as pictured, or even debris from demolished buildings, including the Portland Hotel and the old Oregonian Building.

  8. The VP photo on 3/19/2013 is a aerial view of Barbur Blvd. & Slavin from 1932, but I think it could be from a later year since the hillside looks to have been cut back to improve the view of cars turning onto Barbur Bld. from Slavin rd., and you can see where material taken from the hillside excavation was dumped over the embankment on the east side of Barbur Blvd.

  9. Oregonian October 7, 1959 page 8
    Slavin Name Change Urged
    The portion of SW Slavin rd. being improved by construction of an overpass to Barbur Blvd. will be renamed Capitol Highway.

  10. Dennis, thanks for finding the aerial photo. It shows a lot of the topography of the area, which I had never understood. It also shows the “Nature’s” building down on Corbett Ave.

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