5 thoughts on “SE Stark Street, 1934

  1. It’s 6:45 a.m. and I still haven’t received the usual email notification of the day’s VP post, but I thought I’d take a look to see if there were a new post, and here it is!

    The description “SE Stark Street looking east from SW 82nd Avenue” seems wrong, however. I think it has to be SE 82nd.

    We talked about this intersection last month:

    And i’ve just done a little looking in the Historical Oregonian database for the store, Pay n Takeit. The earliest mention there is from 1930. It seems to have been a chain, including stores here and in Vancouver, at least. The “Stumptown Blogger” has a post with an interior shot of one of their stores at:
    According to that, the chain was part of the early Safeway chain.

  2. The Pay ‘n Takit stores first appeared in Portland in August 1929. By 1934, there were 43 stores located throughout the city. This store was located at 8226 SE Stark Street. By the early 50’s, it had become the Montavilla Frozen Foods/Distribution Center. It looks like the building was taken down in the mid 70’s and a larger retail building was constructed. In 2017, that building was taken down and replaced by the current building that operates as Smart Foodservice Warehouse.

  3. Love the name Pay ‘n Takit. Reminds me of my favorite convenience store name: Get It ‘n Git.

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