6 thoughts on “Morrison Street Bridge, 1911

  1. It appears that J. Thomas has dated the postcard 12-10-‘9’, so likely the scene is 1909 or earlier? I wasn’t sure at first if we are looking east, but agree. The swing section with the operating room was on the west side, so the photographer would have been southwest of the bridge looking east.

  2. The original Morrison Bridge was built in 1887, replaced in 1905, and then the current bridge was built in 1958. According to the Oregonian (April 9, 1987, p. 19), the original bridge “featured trestle approaches, a wooden span and an iron draw span that was operated manually. It was built despite heavy opposition by ferry boat owners and shipping interests. It operated first as a toll bridge, but the tolls ended when the city bought the bridge July 3, 1895.”

    In 1911, the paper reported: “BRIDGE WORKMAN HAS NARROW ESCAPE: Death by drowning or torture by laceration was the choice that confronted Loren Lowe, a workman employed on the Morrison bridge when he slipped on a stairway at the bridge [ga]te Thursday night and narrowly missed going into the river. He threw his arm about a post, and though the [illegible]on cut deeply into his flesh, he hung on until assistance reached him.” (May 20, 1911, p. 12)

    A look through the Historical Oregonian database for the years 1904-1911 yields numerous ads for rentals or property offered or wanted near the bridge, and a good number of mentions of accidents and suicide attempts there.

  3. This is a photo of a post card so the date of the inscription, whatever it is, is not necessarily close to the date of the actual photo on the card.

    However, the photo is of the second Morrison Bridge which, as noted above by Liz, was built in 1905, so the photo is no earlier than that (though I wouldn’t be surprised if it was from around the time of the bridge’s opening).

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