10 thoughts on “SE 82nd Avenue, circa 1937

  1. Are we sure of the location on this photo. Highway 30 sign there at the Corner which indicates NE Sandy intersection not SE Stark

  2. We have confirmation that the East Portland Realty Co. was located on corner of 82nd and Stark. Photo description is accurate.

  3. Mike — I just looked up the East Portland Realty Company in The Historical Oregonian, and there are numerous ads in the 1937 issues giving its address as 8201 SE Stark. In the 1920’s, the address was given as “at the corner of 82nd and SE Stark.”

  4. Mike– This is SE 82 & Stark, and above the US 30 Hwy. sign it says alternate. This is the US 30 Hwy alternate route as described by Wikipedia. Begining at Burnside & Sandy it ran along Burnside st., Gilham ave., Thorburn st., Washington st., and Stark st. joining Hwy 30 (Crown Point Hwy.) after crossing the Sandy river on the Stark street bridge.

  5. Regarding the US 30 sign, while hard to read in this photo, it would have said “Alternate” US 30 which, based on old maps I’ve seen, was routed along parts of Burnside (to 39th I believe) then over to Stark and out to the Columbia River Highway where it rejoined US 30.

  6. There sure appears a lot of debris on the sidewalk from the blacktop patching job done at the corner. The photo must have been taken right after the work was completed, and before they’d had a chance to clean up the surrounding area.

    Commercial strips like 82nd Ave. (or El Camino Real on the San Francisco peninsula) that go on for miles and miles is something we’ve all grown up with living in America no matter where we are from because the car and consumerism have always been more important considerations than creating a nice, pleasant, beautiful environment.
    Steps that have been taken to “beautify?” commercial spaces, like all the fancy landscaping around corporate business parks and landscaping around gas stations,
    fast-food restaurants, bank parking lots are rediculous wastes of money because people run-in and run-out and they’re gone, no one is admiring the foliage.

  7. Thanks for the information dennis– by the way if anyone has any of those white wooden directional signs i’ll buy em from ya

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