6 thoughts on “NE 78th Avenue, 1962

  1. I say, that birch tree has certainly grown big over the years. The tree planted right up next to the house is a classic example of poor tree placement.
    I’m somewhat surprised that that narrow walkway from the sidewalk to the front porch has never been widened.
    That green hedge in the today photo I think is much too overgrown unshaped & imposing.

  2. Ah, memories. My family and I lived in a house very similar to this one in NW Spokane in the early 50s. Most of the houses in the area looked just like ours—post war construction. Possibly 1,000 sq. ft, two bedrooms, one bath. Families managed in these situations. We didn’t have multiple living areas, en-suites or man caves and I had to share a bedroom with my brother. Please don’t think I want to go back; I’m just feeling a little nostalgic this morning.

  3. What exactly are they doing to that house with that wood structure? This house was built in 1950, very typical postwar housing. VA bill allowed vets to purchase housing (except not Black vets) in these new suburban neighborhoods, contributing to the rise of the middle class.

  4. Susan, looks like the beginnings of a covered patio which can be spotted in current photos from Google Street View.

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