N Ida Avenue, 1962

The current site of the Fred Meyer on N Ida Avenue between N Lombard Street and N Willamette Boulevard, 1962.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, ZC 4103 : Unidentified building near N Ida Ave between N Lombard St and N Willamette Blvd, A2011-013, 1962.


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14 thoughts on “N Ida Avenue, 1962

  1. Igor I looked at aerial photos of this location from 1960 and the early 1950’s and the store in this photo looks to be were the McDonalds is today, with mainly vacant land on the site of the Fred Meyer store.
    I don’t know the name of the old store but Portland permits show that it was replaced by a First National Bank in mid 1962.

  2. Ahh, the ubiquitous corner store, one in every neighborhood, often close to the elementary school. Now in many parts of town, the store is a residence but easy to spot by the distinctive design. There’s one in Richmond at 47th and Lincoln. And I was pleased to learn that my grandsons who go to Sunnyside School hang out at their Corner Store still in existence at SE Belmont and 34th. This store appears to have put up a large sign to cover the row of windows above the door.

  3. Chris, I haven’t seen a ’60 Ford Starliner in years! It was a beautiful car. So wide. Wasn’t that one of the last new cars with fins or wings? Unfortunately, the public didn’t much care for the Starliner’s flat wings..

  4. A little bit more to the left we should see the “Oak Pit” drive in, unless it came later (not much later though…)

  5. That was also the bus stop. That’s what the lady is waiting for. I stood there a lot in ’61 after leaving school at nearby Roosevelt HS, but only when it was raining. It was 2 miles east on Lombard to my house. Later years I got rides and finally my own car.

  6. When I was a student at UofP in the early 1990s, there was a First Interstate Bank then later a Wells Fargo branch in the bank building on this site; doubtless they were the successors of the 1962 First National Bank

  7. The McDonald’s at this site in 2020 was formerly further east on Lombard where the New Seasons is now, between N Wall and N Westanna streets

  8. Mike Siebert– I checked the Oregonian archives and the Oak Pit Bar-B-Que at 6878 N Lombard was mention as the victim of a burglary in 1959, so yes it would have been out of frame on the left when this photo was taken in 1962.

  9. Great comments here folks, thank you. My folks had a 1956 Chevrolet Bel-Air two-door coupe in the same color scheme as the station wagon shown here. It would have been my first car had a drunk drive not plowed into it parked on the street, totaling it.

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