9 thoughts on “Columbia Gorge, 1930

  1. This 36-foot-high gem of a waterfall is a couple miles off the Columbia River Highway between Bonneville Dam and Cascade Locks. Easily accessible by trail, the waters of Eagle Creek fall into a beautiful natural bowl surrounded by forest, ferns, and rocks, hence the name “punch bowl.” For more info on how to hike to this unique waterfall, see: waterfallsnorthwest.com/index.php/waterfall/Punch-Bowl-Falls-3881

  2. The last time I checked, it looked exactly the same, but that was before a certain young man decided to throw fireworks.

  3. The 3.8-mile hike from Eagle Creek to Punchbowl Falls is a very pleasant, easy hike. It will be nice when it reopens. The falls in 1930 (the year my father was born) looked quite primordial and mysterious in this black & white photo.

  4. Thanks, Robert and Chris, for pointing out the trail to the falls is still closed. I didn’t realize that. So sad! Look forward to it re-opening.

  5. Volunteers from Pacific Crest Trail Association worked on reconstructing the Eagle Creek Trail through the summers of 2018 and 2019 in cooperation with USFS. There are a lot of fallen trees and rock falls yet to be fully cleared after the fire, and I suspect at least another summer of work will be required before the trail opens to the public. Little to no work has been done in 2020 due to the pandemic. Eagle Creek Trail is an alternate route for the PCT.

  6. Robert G. …That scene couldn’t have looked the same as there has been a log jammed across the water for years. On an another note…after the fire (but not because of it) a giant section of earth fell into the stream below the falls that apparently changed the direction/flow of the creek. Eagle Creek was 1st federal camp ground in U.S.

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