6 thoughts on “SW Westwood Drive, 1960

  1. Efiles says this is 643 SW Westwood Dr, but looking at Realtors’ sites today, that seems to be the house obfuscated by trees, beyond the brick one in this photo.

  2. We were looking up the street last Thursday. Looks like early spring. Are those dahlias in the foreground?

  3. This photo was taken on a beautiful sunny morning. The light pastel green car parked facing the camera is a 1953 FORD Customline (2 door?) with probably something like 50,000 miles on it. The car parked on the opposite side of the street-facing downhill is harder to make out but it looks to be a 1948 Studebaker Business Coupe.
    Since this time the “SLOW” sign has been removed from the power pole at the bend in the road and a street-light was added to illuminate this bend in the road.

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