9 thoughts on “Front Avenue Sewer Project, circa 1928

  1. What an immense project that still benefits the River City today, almost 100 years later. I remember the Sea Wall as a kid; seems like you could never get to it because of Harbor Drive. Mike, thanks for the fascinating background story and photos. Those guys figured it all out and really knew what they were doing.

  2. Please forgive my puzzlement in being unable to identify the large wooden structure behind the tug and barge crane. It looks like it’s in the middle of the waterway and not on the opposing (East) side of the bank.

    That tugboat looks to be in need of some structural repairs and new paint job.

  3. Lou:
    Swing span bridges needed those “landings” to protect the span when it was opened for traffic. The old Morrison bridge had that.

  4. The wooden structure is berm designed to protect the swing span of the the bridge when it is opened. It is the Morrison Street bridge. the last swing span bridge in Portland after the present Burnside Bridge was built in 1928. The late 20’s was a busy time for the Portland waterfront with all the construction going on.

  5. Lou L-P when I went to school in the middle of the last century 3rd grade history was entirely devoted to Portland history.

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