7 thoughts on “Macleay Park, circa 1932

  1. Amazingly, my husband and I walked under this bridge just yesterday, prompted by the VP posting on August 3rd. I’ve been wondering if others who read this blog go seeking the places posted. We’ve been doing that for some time, now. It makes a nice focus for our walks!

  2. Liz C. Very nice to learn someone does this, woo-hoo to you and your husband.! I live 250 miles south, so no can do. Take care.

  3. If you look at pictures of when the bridge was first built in 1905, there was a huge valley below. This picture shows the completion of a large earth dam that was constructed to prevent flooding. The men are standing on top of it. Really took away from the ‘height’ of the bridge.

  4. Liz if you look at the comments from yesterday I left a additional one on the service station on N Lombard.

  5. And in this photo, we see the business end of the well worn Cat Thirty shown in the photo earlier this week. It was equipped with a small logging arch, winch and skidding tongs. Also equipped with electric lighting which was an accessory in those days. It was a small machine for that kind of work, which may explain the missing and damaged sheet metal, such as the bent right fender.

  6. I just posted this to the earlier Balch Creek image, but Liz C mentioned some spooky history regarding the property that is now the park.

    Balch, the farmer that lived on the property and killed his neighbors son, ran up the trails along Balch Creek to hide out after the crime. He supposedly hid out in what’s now Forest Park, for months. I believe he finally gave himself up. The killing of The daughters boyfriend occurred on a ferry heading to the East side. He was eventually hanged near Lownsdale Square.

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