7 thoughts on “W Burnside Street, 1930

  1. it looks like they were widening Burnside. the tall building in the back does not go as far into burnside and it looks like its chopped off. same with the buildings up close.

  2. Not many of the buildings left but I think the tall, white one is the same as in today’s photo.

  3. West Burnside widening took 20 feet of property on each side of Burnside as far West as Park ave. making it 100 feet wide. The tall building is on the corner of SW Broadway & W. Burnside, and Portland maps indicates several of the buildings along W Burnside are still standing with their construction dates before the widening of W. Burnside.

  4. Arnold Drug Co., 6th and Burnside
    Thank you, ssssteven, for the Google map picture.
    My grandfather’s store was on the north side of the intersection of 3rd and Burnside, which is why I validated the location.

  5. There are two additional VP photos of this same location. January 9 & 10, 2013 show the street during, and after the widening.

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