16 thoughts on “Peninsula Park, 1912

  1. Efiles has this photo as looking north and east at Mt. Hood. They got the direction right but the mountain wrong I believe.

  2. I can’t figure out what that hill is in the foreground looking towards Mt. St. Helens– Prune hill??

  3. This is one of the most beautiful parks in Portland. Regrettably, I think a lot of citizens don’t even know about it.

  4. The hill in the foreground is very likely Yacolt Mountain. It would tough to spot today because the top of it is now the Yacolt Mountain mine.

  5. The site was originally a horse racing track that was owned by the notorious “Liverpool Liz”. She made most of her money from a seedy yet successful bar/brothel called the Senate Saloon down on 2nd and Davis.

  6. Fred Leeson – you’re right, I was born and raised here, but didn’t go to Peninsula Park until I was a grandmother. Maybe because I grew up on the west side. I actually enjoy this park more than the Washington Park Rose Garden, which is always crowded and somewhat overwhelming, although spectacular.

  7. Spent some time here last year looking for the Rose Festival Medallion Treasure Hunt. Was way off.

  8. Dan S. — Thanks, I had never heard of Liverpool Liz, but did read about her at portlandcrime.blogspot.com/liverpool

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