8 thoughts on “Westmoreland Park, 1939

  1. The city has a very nice website dedicated to this park, with a good deal of its history, including this sentence: “The West Moreland Park project reopened on July 26, 1939, with approximately 300 men employed via the WPA for a total federal contribution of around $225,000.“ https://www.portland.gov/parks/westmoreland-park

    Take a look at the VP link to a 2015 post about the park (see the related items in blue above), for a nice discussion by other VP readers. What made my day is a post there by Brian linking to a five-minute video of the history of the city, blending modern with yesteryear. Wonderful!

  2. Mike— VP photo from July 8, 2016 has a photo of a airplane that crashed in Eastmoreland killing two, and there is a link to a Oregonian story with additional photos that places the crash location in front of the future location of former Mayor Charlie Hales house.

  3. Mike— Here are some details on Bloomfield Field from December 1, 1923 Aeronautical Bulletin.

    Class — Municipal under supervision of city commissioners, owned by Ladd Estate. Rented by Wilson Dairy Co.

    DESCRIPTION — Irregular shape 600 feet wide at North end (Bybee I think) East Boundary Southern Pacific Railroad line Length 3,150 feet North to South. South end 1000 feet wide.
    Covered with weeds waist high and unless these are cut, this field should be used only in case of emergency, cows grazing on the field must be noted.

    OBSTRUCTIONS — Trees to West, hedge to East, bridge elevated to Northwest (Bybee overpass?), road with wires to North, houses to South.

    COMMUNICATIONS — Telephone in adjacent house, electric car line adjacent to field.

    SIGNALS & MARKINGS — None reported.

  4. Photos of this park are always really cool. As stated previously, I grew up in this park, so to see it from so many years ago is awesome. To watch these workers construct what we called the casting pond, ( and still do), and realize that in about 30 years later, I would swimming in complete filth and getting in some trouble with the parents. Who knew?

  5. Many good have already been made but I will say that judging from trees and objects in the background, the air quality looked to be quite poor on this day hot day.

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