14 thoughts on “SW Park Avenue, 1969

  1. A related photo from 1962 looking NW towards Park and Hall:

    What building is being demolished in today’s picture?

  2. I wonder what year Portland/PSU turned Park into pedestrian only? Probably the ’70s but I can’t find the date.

  3. The pedestrian mall was built starting in the fall of 1971 when I started at PSU. I remember traversing the “campus” at the time on boards over the mud.

  4. Igor, love your ’62 photo of the park blocks. Brings back lots of memories from that time when I used to swim at the Shattuck pool and hang with swimming buddies afterwards. Thanks!

  5. Igor — The building that is being torn down I believe are the Queen Louise Apartments that were located at 1859 SW Park, and this is now the location of the PSU library at 1875 SW Park. The Oregonian has a story on June 10, 1969 (page 10) about the PDC evicting 500 people from apartment houses in the area but PSU students wanted the Queen Louise saved for student housing, but it was to dilapidated and was going to be torn down.

  6. The picture caption is wrong the building across the park blocks is part of PSU, means that the street in front of the glass building is on Park Ave and the picture should read 9th street looking North.

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